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Hindsight (2008) - Hindsight (2008) - User Reviews - IMDb Hindsight is about choice and the consequences of materialism. How much is one baby worth? Or that boat in Florida? How far will you go to get what you want ? And why do you want it in the first place? That last question is the most important. It all comes back to morality, and, of course, a nice little twist ending to tie things  Urban Dictionary: Hindsight is 20/20 Phrase used to describe the fact that it is easy for one to be knowledgable about an event after it has happened. IE: An individual has a realization about the event that should have been obvious all along, yet they didn't catch on because they were acting in the heat of the moment. Also allows one to learn from their  hindsight - Wiktionary Etymology[edit]. From hind + sight. Etymologically almost the exact Germanic equivalent to the Latin-derived retro (back) + spect (look). Pronunciation[edit]. IPA : /ˈhaɪndsaɪt/. Noun[edit]. hindsight (countable and uncountable, plural hindsights). Realisation or understanding of the significance and nature of events after  30:30 Hindsight - Wikipedia 30:30 Hindsight is an album by Jimmy Barnes that celebrates 30 years since his chart-topping debut solo album, Bodyswerve in September 1984. It was released in August 2014 and debuted at number 1 in Australia, giving Barnes his tenth solo number 1 album. Hindsight Productions Hindsight Productions is an independent television production company established by David Young, former BBC Head of Light Entertainment. with the wisdom of hindsight Meaning in the Cambridge English with the wisdom of hindsight meaning, definition, what is with the wisdom ofhindsight: with the knowledge that experience gives you: . Learn more. Hindsight - Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of hindsight in the Idioms Dictionary. hindsight phrase. What doeshindsight expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Hindsight Quotes (73 quotes) - Goodreads “Hindsight, I think, is a useless tool. We, each of us, are at a place in our lives because of innumerable circumstances, and we, each of us, have a responsibility (if we do not like where we are) to move along life's road, to find a better path if this one does not suit, or to walk happily along this one if it is indeed our life's way . hindsight | Definition of hindsight in English by Oxford Dictionaries Definition of hindsight - understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. Hindsight (2011 film) - Wikipedia Hindsight is a 2011 South Korean action drama film by Lee Hyun-seung, his first after a ten-year hiatus. The film is about a hitwoman who struggles with her feelings for the underworld boss who is her target. The film deals with issues of age difference, and the Korean underworld. It stars Song Kang-ho and Shin Se- kyung, 

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